Freedom to Tomsawyers Sale swim takes on unusual importance Kalyn f., age 16, has had a PICC line in her arm since February 2007.She is battling neurologic lyme disease and babesiosis for which Tomsawyers Outlet UK there is currently no definitive cure.In addition to the disease, kalyn has also been in a scoliosis brace for the past five years. Prior to kalyn's illness and the picc line, swimming was a big part of her Tomsawyers online mens white jackets gore-tex summer.When she was in the water, it didn't count against the time she was allowed out of her scoliosis brace.As long as she was in the water, she could have as long as she wanted. So with a picc line in her arm, not only was she now battling lyme disease, she also had to wear her scoliosis brace for 23 hours each day with only a one hour break. Kalyn and her family tried various methods to keep water out of the picc site-Plastic bags, waterproof tape, and more.Nothing worked and she had to accept that she would be unable to swim last summer.Two months ago, kalyn got the news that the picc would be in for yet another summer. Shortly after receiving this news, kalyn's mother denise spotted a brochure in their doctor's office for the drypro picc line to allow water activities like bathing, and, as it turned out, swimming. Through this product, kalyn has been delighted to be able to swim without worries this summer.Swimming has allowed her a break from her brace, as well as a break from the emotional stress of fighting a disease. "As a parent who has already seen her child go through so much, to find a product that allows kalyn to have this much fun and freedom again is a god-Send! "Says kalyn's mother denise. "No price can be put on seeing the thrill on her face and watching her play in the water with her family again. " Kalyn is currently progressing well in her latest treatment regimen and with any luck will have the picc line removed in the fall. "We at drycorp are so pleased to have played a small role in this young lady's summer and her recovery,"Said dr.Roy archambault, developer of the picc line protector,"It makes what we do worthwhile. " # # # Dry corp manufactures and distributes waterproof body protection for casts, bandages, picc line, prosthetic and ostomy.Dry pro works on a vacuum seal to keep the cast, bandage or prosthesis completely dry while showering, bathing and even swimming.