Hot Tomsawyers online mens red jackets down vest stewardess airlines Number 3 southwest there was a time when southwest clearly wanted to be the sexiest carrier in the air.In the early years after they took to the air in 1971, the stewardess uniform included orange hot pants and white go-Go boots.Recruiters plainly asked candidates to wear dresses so their legs could be checked out.Were selling sex, admits current president, colleen barrett.Times have changed, and so has the dress code.Southwest stewardesses now display more fabric than skin, but we seen a lot of them with figures built for the minimalist attire.Given society love for retro and southwest laid-Back business approach, we can still at least hope for throwback uniforms. What makes them especially hot:Genuinely great attitudes to go along with their looks. Number 2 thai airways international thai airways international has limited north american service, which is really unfortunate:The airline requires its stewardesses to be single, thai nationals.They are also required to be at least 5 with proportional weight.Suffice it to say, it worth the effort to fly thai.I suspect unattractive thai women exist, but i have yet to see any evidence.From the moment you greeted with the traditional sawasdee, or welcoming gesture, i dare you to take your eyes off these stewardesses.It couldn bother me that a hysterical stewardess panicked during turbulence.Virgin red skirts are tailored to show off figures rather well;Certainly better than most uniforms we seen.Most flights on virgin are long, but it doesn mean they dull. What makes them especially hot:Combine the name virgin with hot women your imagination will take care of the rest. Down force Although the days of airline-Promoted, in-Your-Face stewardess sexuality are gone, the stewardesses themselves have only gotten hotter--Especially on international carriers.Memorize the player article on how to score a stewardess, take a flight on one of these carriers and Tomsawyers you well on your way to a memorable layover.