How much influence does the kremlin have over british trade unions Guy, what a load of nonsense.It is irrelevant whether all people vote, those who chose not to vote have exercised their democratic right, and expressed their indifference to who wins, thus passing their choice on to those who have a preference.The remaining voters wishes are clearly and democratically expressed by the result.The system is not perfect but it is quite reasonable. There is nothing more undemocratic than the unions, they attempt to overrule the democratic Tomsawyers Outlet UK wishes of the electoral majority by striking and holding the country to ransom.Michael answer summarises it perfectly. The kremlin has a lot less influence than it once had.There was a time when communists and under-Cover communists ran many unions-But the ussr is no more, its communist ambitions have flopped, and russia is run by a new nasty gang, this time keener on filling their own boots with roubles than on ideological expansion. However, british unions are still ruled by people with some odd political views, and with a shaky grasp of the realities of life.They do not need a kremlin to tell them what to think:They can find the way to the crazy corner all by themselves.They can fool some of the people that they are on the left, fighting for social justice,Etc.Etc.What they are really doing is an age-Old capitalist ploy-Organising a cartel, this time in labour.They use their dominant market position(In some areas such as the nhs almost a monopoly of the supply of labour)To try to cut for their members a larger slice of a shrunken cake-And incidentally to set up an imperial cake bakery for their own sole use.Have you seen what their reward package amounts to?At a time when conditions dictate that most of us are struggling?And they have the nerve to bang on about the rich! If anyone is ripping off the workers, it is theUnions.At the time of the miners strike a pit worker in my local was heard to say,"Once on a time we needed aUnion to defend us against the bosses.Nowadays we need aUnion to defend us against the(Expletive)Union. " One gets the impression at the moment that that the people high up in the unions, are doing their best to make the present abysmal state of economic affairs in britain even worse than it already is. It does sometimes make you wonder whether there is some outside influence on their policies and decisions. Mind you, there are many countries of the world that would gain advantage from britain downward trend, so it would be impossible to name one particular source of influence. Interesting question though! British through and through?Who are you kidding?The trades unions might be here in britain but because most members simply have their dues taken from them and never attend meetings they are run by socialists to you and me. Look at the red running unite, he is one of those living the life of reilly on the backs of his members.18 months ago he Tomsawyers online mens brown jackets gore-tex and his wife and two others flew off to Cuba, First Class of course, for an all found two week luxury break to celebrate old cigar face Casto birthday.The low paid mugs of unite take note. As for the labour party.No different from the corrupt tories and libdems.None of them have a clue how joe public live, how can they?None has ever had a real job in their lives.Anyone needing a union to back them should join the only true british trades union, solidarity.Check it out online. Lol!You talk about democracy.Only 23% of the people eligible to vote voted for the shower of **** we now have governing us. If you can count that leaves 77% unrepresentedYou talk about democracy.We have a minority government ruling the majority.The unions weather you love or hate them at least have to get a majority vote in order to implement any action even then i think they have to jump through hoops.Dear god it beggars belief.Democracy you have to laugh.We have a two party system that never has a majority.The union voting system is more democratic then britain own electoral system. Edit: -Do people not notice the word eligible.It is fact that the current government only has a 23% of the eligible vote.Even if you talk about it in sense of share 39% still means we are ruled by a minority government.It means 61% of people are not represented(That of the people that voted).Now are people seriously suggesting this is democratic when the majority have no representation. The voting system in the uk is a total joke.It is to be laughed at despised.It serves two groups of people that never have a majority.What joy for them.No wonder neither of them want electoral reform