Samsung s3650 corby review Like every maker out there, samsung are keen to keep users coming back for more.But serving, inspiring and entertaining today's crowd is not enough it seems.So the next step is true religion apparel inc raising future samsung users.The s3650 corby is tech-Savvy and fresh-Just like its target audience.And this entry level touchscreen seems to quite nicely suit both the user's liking and bill-Payer's budget. The s3650 corby is for youngsters that are keen on technology, for active social networkers, for those who like to personalize and customize.The budget price implies no fancy stuff but the wide range of features is absolutely relevant to the target audience. Samsung s3650 corby is a very fresh looking handset too-Distinct shape and bold True Religion Straight Leg paintjobs.It won't really make much sense in adult hands but the fashion jackets-Bright-Colored interchangeable rear covers-Are perhaps as strong a selling point as the capacitive touchscreen.There're two extra jackets in the retail box to make the time spent with the s3650 corby even more personal experience. On the social side, the samsung s3650 corby offers facebook, myspace and twitter integration, while photo and video sharing are taken care of with direct uploads to youtube, flickr, picasa and photobucket.You can update your status on the various social networking sites and receive updates from your friends via a neat pop-Up notification feature.All that is a tap away on the 2.8"Capacitive touchscreen.