D'boondock queen Starting all over again It may not be easy to start all over again butThehope, thrill and excitement gives meThezest i have been missing.I am no longer with"Teddy bear".It has been two years now since i have last spoken, seen or even heard from him.He was probably stolen by some specie who may have thoughtThebargain was worth it.To that specie, i say:Have him all!The"Evaporation"Was his choice, not mine.And for this reason, my conscience remains clear and my spirit vibrant. I know whoTheloser is, and I am certain it aint me. I miss my boondocks though, it will always give me theEcstacy i lust for.The calm, serenity and solitude will always be part of me, i wouldEven vouch it is what keeps me so passionate about life, it the longing for these kinds of moments.It is accomplished.It was never my plan to"Band-Aid"The hurt.I can take it head-On, and i prefer it that way.Everytime i heal, i become better.And i like it.E-Mail me!Back to top Can thErE bE anothEr"JoS?ThoUght i kEpt in mind.JoS?WaS thE charg?D affairES of a diplomatic miSSion in thE philippinES and aftEr a yEar hErE, waS rE-ASSignEd to africa.For a diplomat, hE waS cool, SincErE and totally down to Earth.J-E-S-U-S!He would say.A rare breed indeed.I got to get back to blogging, at least to keep me sane.Manila drives me nuts!Whaaaahhh! Hey, i am alive! From cagayan de oro, i return to my tagalog lifestyle, speeding and getting back to the groove.Immediately http://tomsawyers.co.uk/ searched and found myself a job to feel useful, and have my own"Shoe"Money, ha!